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Recorded Webinars

AP Automation

JDE Invoice Automation with SCANMAN
Watch this webinar to learn more about the benefits of AP automated scanning directly integrated with EnterpriseOne and how you can easily capture, route, approve and process your invoices.

Leveraging AP Automation Native to JDE
On this webinar we’ll look at the value of automated invoice capture, coding, and approval processes as well as discuss the overall benefits of leveraging AP automation native to EnterpriseOne.

AP Automation and EnterpriseOne Approval Workflows
Workflow functions allow for invoices to be electronically routed to the correct budget holder, increasing automation and reducing invoice cycle times. All end-user actions are registered in the JD Edwards audit trail, providing full transparency. Refrain from complex integrations, functionality duplication, and long implementation projects. Discover how to work with exceptions, utilize workflow overrides and increase AP efficiency on this webinar.

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BI Publisher & BI Publisher Packs

BI Publisher with All the Fixings
On this webinar, Hamilton Telecommunications share their experience with BI Publisher including tips, tricks, and overall benefits. We also explore BI Publisher basics and take a look at BI Publisher Packs which Hamilton Telecommunications used to fast track their forms implementation

Going for the Gold with BI Publisher
Much like our Olympic athletes, you’ve come a long way to get here. On this webinar we’ll explore three specific “events” - POs, Invoices, and Extended Check Processing – and how you can secure a gold medal in simplifying your JDE footprint.

Changes on the Fly: Extended Check Processing with BI Publisher
On this webinar, learn more about Extended Check Processing with TeamCain's BI Publisher Packs and the extension to the standard F0030 bank file and maintenance, the update to the standard check output, and the BI Publisher Pack pre-built design.

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Data Purging & Archiving

What’s Happening Inside your JDE Database? A Dashboard for Data Analytics
Manage-it! is a brand new subscription solution that allows you to see what’s happening inside your JD Edwards database. It gives you a powerful dashboard interface with more flexibility than the basic built-in options. Best of all, it works seamlessly within JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.

An Overview of Archiving as a Service
Archiving as a Service offers a solution to quell common deterrents such as the budget isn’t there to spend on software, there isn’t enough time to analyse the requirement, or there isn’t the in-house knowledge to run a purge/archive project. Whether you are an existing Purge-it! user, don’t have an archiving solution, or want to switch from your current product, watch this webinar to learn more.

EnterpriseOne Upgrade Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks
Thinking about your own system performance, could it use a dusting before that update? What’s lurking in the data that you brought over to the new release? What impact does dirty data have on your upgrade project and the overall business? On this webinar, we explore customer case studies to show how purging and archiving their data has helped and can help when it comes to JDE upgrades.

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JD Edwards Best Practices

Your 2019 Resolution – Lively & Quick Processing
From data archiving and purging, to AP invoice automation, to fast tracking your forms with BI publisher - these three value-added products can bring efficiency to your JDE year-round day to day tasks and give you a jump on a cleaner year end.

The Ultimate Upgrade Showdown – CNC E1 Tools Only vs. Application Release
On this webinar, we explore the high level details when performing a Tools Only Upgrade vs. an Application Release Upgrade with Tools. We also discuss preparation tasks to ensure a successful upgrade is achieved along with tips and tricks during an upgrade process.

Implement and Secure JD Edwards EnterpriseOne in Oracle Cloud (OCI)
Thinking about migrating your JD Edwards EnterpriseOne to Oracle Cloud? On this webinar, we explore how to build an infrastructure to install JDE in OCI.

Three EnterpriseOne Solutions You Shouldn’t Overlook in 2018
Watch this webinar to learn more about Health and Safety, Fixed Assets, and Expense Management. You'll hear how they have helped and continue to help current JD Edwards customers as well as why they should be on your radar.

The Truth is Out There - Exploring A 9.2 Upgrade
On this webinar, you’ll learn more about UDOs (User Defined Objects) that come in peace, building the business case for your 9.2 upgrade, and how a pre-upgrade plan can make the overall project stellar.

Where Do U Fit In? Role Based Solutions with UX One
How does your role fit in with the new features and functionalities of UX One? Watch this webinar to see how the new UX One interface can enable better decision making, increase productivity, and simplify future upgrade projects.

X Marks the Spot – Finding Treasures in EnterpriseOne 9.2
During this webinar, we unlock some of the hidden treasures of 9.2 as well as discuss the best route for upgrading to the latest tools release so that you can get the most out of JD Edwards.

Reduce Occupational Incidents: The ROI of Health & Safety
In this session, we discuss the overall importance of the EnterpriseOne Health & Safety module. Incident management, incident case inquiry components, reporting, and mobile applications are also explored.

Navigating an ERP Governance and Roadmap
Many struggle with harnessing the full power of their ERP footprint, getting key stakeholder buy in, and allocating resources. Hear Hamilton Telecommunications on this webinar share the process they initiated to provide a solid foundation for building a path towards long term success.

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Package Automation & Self Service Password Reset

Watch & Learn: Automating Package Builds and Self-Service Password Reset
On this Watch & Learn webinar, we demonstrate both the PACKMAN and Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) solutions. Discover how you can increase productivity, reduce your costs on outside CNC and development, and manage daily processes.

An IT Hat Trick: Packages, Passwords, and PrintQueue OH MY!
You have a list of EnterpriseOne goals that you want to reach. But unfortunately, there isn’t enough time in the day to get to all of them. Package builds and constant calls from users to the help desk for password reset is time consuming. Waiting around to manage the PrintQueue data isn’t the best use of your time. But there are three solutions that can help line you up for the perfect shot. Watch this webinar to learn more.

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Spreadsheet Automation, Analytics & Budgeting

“Excelerated” JDE Reporting, Analytics and Consolidated Reporting
A lot of time and energy is wasted creating spreadsheets from scratch, re-keying data, waiting on IT for reports and scouring through the data to fix any mistakes or errors. If you want to put reporting back in the hands of your end-users and eliminate any manual processes, you’ll want a solution that is self-sufficient, consistent and efficient and dead simple to learn and roll out. See Spreadsheet Server in action on this webinar, and also learn how it has greatly improved consolidated reporting and upgrade reporting for other JDE customers.

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Wireless, Mobile & RFID Data Collection

Discovering 3 Levels of Supply Chain Efficiency
Every business wants to decrease operational costs and improve the accuracy of the data they collect. JD Edwards provides the foundation to build efficient processes, but what about taking that to the next level – or let’s say, the next three levels? Watch this webinar to learn how to achieve a leaner, more efficient supply chain and warehouse operations.

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