TeamCain Experience

We care

A couple of simple words that really reflect our approach.  We care about our customers and their business.  We want them to be successful.  When we work with a customer we want them to say "I wish all our business partners were like TeamCain." We specialize in getting to know your JD Edwards environment. Whether it be for a short, concise project or a multiyear engagement, we strive to understand your entire environment. We feel that if we understand your applications, infrastructure, people and culture, we will best be able to provide the right level of service for a long-standing relationship.

We add value

There are lots of consulting firms out there, and lots of add on products.  We work to find the right balance of solutions for our customers, be they value add products or consulting expertise with your ERP.  Not many partners out there can offer the breadth of ERP services AND products that we do.  This has been a specific path for TeamCain, as we believe that you cannot solve today's complex business issues with one or the other; most often it takes a combination. We work to provide the right choices for our customers.

We work with the best

The best consultants, the best products, the best partners.  Our customers deserve no less, and our reputation requires it.

We partner smartly

We look to like minded organizations to get the right overall solution for our customers. We work with, represent, and implement solutions for: data file archive and purge, Excel-based/JDE integrated reporting and analytics, integration, upgrade proof development with an OVI toolset, automated data collection, Business Intelligence, self-serve password reset, BI Publisher, disaster recovery and hosting and more. We do more than just consulting because our clients need and expect this.

The right answers, not the easy ones

You hire a consulting or product partner to lead you on your path, to be your sherpa.  We always want to give the benefit of our expertise.  That is, after all, why you hire us.

We strive to ensure that the TeamCain experience is about the right job, at a fair price, providing outstanding results.