Warehouse Management System

The JD Edwards WMS module will provide you with more flexibility, accuracy, efficiency and scalability for your distribution operations.

For example, in the putaway process, WMS will suggest the most appropriate location(s) for your purchase order / work order / transfer order receipts. In the picking process, WMS will suggest you do each picks from your shelf area, cases from your flow rack area and pallets from your bulk area. The replenishment process has several ways to keep your picking areas full, and pallets of fast moving product near your shipping doors.

WMS Best Practice Recommendations

Often times we help our JDE customers determine their distribution process roadmap. To respond to this need, we have built and delivered a very powerful 1 day review session at our client's site at no charge to the client (They simply cover our travel expenses for 1 person). The deliverable from this is a clear document on best practice recommendations as it relates to enhancing their distribution operations, up to and including the use of WMS. This module is not for everybody, and some of our studies recommend this module and some do not. All the studies have been well received by our clients. Several clients even told us they owned the module for many years, but just didn't understand WMS and more importantly, didn't know if it would improve their processes. This report can also be used to prepare capital project costs for future consideration.

At TeamCain we have a long list of happy JD Edward's customers who have advanced their distribution processes using JDE Warehouse Management System.

“The AWM module gives you a level of organization whereby it is very difficult to get things wrong... the system itself establishes a pattern and a way of dealing with things that immediately highlights any errors or problems, we count now on the system to actually reduce employee build at the warehouse level and also to help us define processes in a way that is much more efficient as the business develops in different areas and requirements. “
(Eric Martinez, D-Link Europe)

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