SCANMAN – JD Edwards Invoice Automation Made Easy

Invoice Automation projects can involve complex and expensive Document Management solutions without pre-built interfaces. This results in time consuming implementations with difficult back-end integrations, and in some cases, duplicated logic that is already in JD Edwards.

The ideal solution is to have a real Invoice Automation solution that seamlessly uses these back-end processes already available in JD Edwards.

SCANMAN, an Oracle Validated Integration solution, is a complete, web-based Invoice Automation solution, seamlessly integrated into your Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne application using the latest Composite Application Framework for E1 (Café One) features.


SCANMAN is Java enabled, developed with Oracle ADF and is using the leading OCR and document capture software to deliver best possible recognition results.

  • Quickly and intuitively create document template definitions that can be uploaded to SCANMAN with the Auto-Learning Template Builder
  • Use the file selector to locate and select a scanned image or the batch processor option to fully automate the invoice processing
  • SCANMAN will instantly generate a Logged Voucher in EnterpriseOne for further processing, as well as store an image of the invoice as an attachment to the created Voucher

If during the processing cycle there are any exceptions or errors, SCANMAN will store the results in the SCANMAN Audit Workbench. This allows for control, full introspection, and easy recovery handling. Simply select and pull back the failed invoice, amend the data, and reprocess the invoice.


  • Streamline overall process of capturing invoices
  • Eliminate manual data entry
  • Faster processing, improved accuracy, and increased productivity
  • Smooth and secured data transfers without needing to replicate or synchronize data to the front end system
  • Data remains and is processed in EnterpriseOne

SCANMAN is a lightweight solution running either as an instance on your WebLogic Application Server or on a separate web server. Easy to install, maintain and with no additional software or licenses required, it is the best solution for your Invoice Automation project. SCANMAN can be used as of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne application release 9.0 with Tools Release 9.1.3. It is also highly configurable allowing for flexible set-up and custom additions if required.

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