QuickBiz Industry Software Solutions

QuickBiz™ industry focused software solutions, from TeamCain's partner Denovo, fill long time functionality gaps found in JD Edwards to satisfy unique internal or industry requirements. Combined with the Quick Calculators Foundation, you'll receive Oracle Validated Integration (OVI) approved enterprise software solution sets that make your business flexible enough to manage never ending change. These solutions perform and solve complex JD Edwards calculations that increase productivity, reduce costs, drive new revenue, and accelerate the value of EnterpriseOne.
Quick Flexible Calculation Module (FCM) is a core component of the QuickBiz™ Industry Software Solutions and Quick Calculator modules. It is a comprehensive and paradigm shifting software development architecture that enables Authorized Users to create, test, share, manage, and execute “on-the-fly” mathematical formulas without writing custom code or relying on IT for assistance. The FCM also enables Authorized Users to create SQL functionality and “IF-THEN-ELSE” logic statements to refine calculations. If your authorized users know how to use spreadsheets, they will master the FCM easily and quickly.

The Query Manager Module (QMM) allows Authorized Users to create queries to access data from any custom or standard table within the FCM or ABM. Queries function similar to FCM script variables or as an individual FCM formula. The Data Selection Manager allows Authorized Users to create queries from the user interface without the need for SQL or hard coding. Queries can also be displayed graphically to quickly and easily find what you are looking for.

The Application Builder Module (ABM) allows customers to quickly build extended modules inside JD Edwards. Authorized Users can create a completely functional mini application without the help of IT, or without writing a single line of code. Built using the JD Edwards Toolset, the ABM is a powerful and familiar looking grid-based business tool that allows Authorized Users to build mini applications to fulfill unique process improvement requirements critical to the success of their business.

The Quick Manufacturing Part Substitution Module (MPSM) enhances the standard JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Order Entry process for real-time, rules-based part substitutions. Authorized Users can create new part substitution rules that govern the Order Entry process and can then override standard JD Edwards MRP Messages to update messages based on the final part substitution rule, or they can skip the new rule and allow orders to process “as is”. Part substitutions can be done at Order Entry, EDI or batch. Using the MPSM, you will truly enhance the way JD Edwards Manufacturing builds your products for quicker assembly and distribution - leaving customers happier and your margins more profitable.

The Sales Commission Module (SCM) automates the entire sales commission processes utilizing the power and flexibility of the Flexible Calculation Module and standard JD Edwards Sales Commission Setup. Built using the JD Edwards Toolset, SCM considers all possible JD Edwards calculation variables needed to calculate related commissions. Also, the SCM eliminates spreadsheets, JD Edwards custom code or third party applications or services to pay all sales commissions.

The Quick Job Estimation Module (JEM) is an integrated solution to meet all job estimating needs with seamless integration with other JD Edwards EnterpriseOne modules (Work Order Management, Job Costing). It has built-in functionality to use other Quick Calculators (FCM, ABM, QMM, etc.) to allow Authorized Users to create and manage estimates throughout the estimate cycle for large projects and customers. It is a highly-configured module so that before use it matches the required business use case requirements. Using the JEM, JD Edwards customers can be confident that all job cost elements are properly identified, the right resources are deployed, timelines are achievable, and profits are certain.

The Debt Management Module (DMM) is designed for loan portfolio management, amortization scheduling, capital leases, broker commissions and loan restructuring or consolidation for EnterpriseOne. It keeps track of all loan and other debt instruments in addition to allowing you to perform “what if” scenarios for better debt management capabilities. The DMM will automate the entire debt management process, track debt instruments and post payment information to JD Edwards Accounts Payable and General Ledger. This means one system, standard JD Edwards security, safe upgrades, and the ability to maintain the necessary controls for generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).

The Late Fees Module (LFM) is designed for more accurate calculations of late fees, all inside EnterpriseOne. Some JD Edwards customers are forced to use spreadsheets or third party applications to calculate and manage customer late fees meaning that users have to rely on data that is stored in multiple places with no security and manual entries every time Account Receivables are processed and posted. With the LFM you’ll now be able to eliminate manual entries, bill and collect fees more accurately, significantly reduce the number of billing rules, and generate more revenue.

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