Purge-it! For JD Edwards EnterpriseOne & World

Purge-it! For JD Edwards EnterpriseOne & World

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Benefits From A Purge & Archive Project (For JDE)

Excess application data prevents ERP systems from performing at optimal levels. As a result of this, a strain is placed on IT infrastructure and resources. You get more staff complaints about a slower system, your customer satisfaction drops, and your regular back-ups take longer resulting in time lost on other projects. 

Archiving your older records can free valuable system capacity but at the same time introduces challenges. Your staff will need access to these archived records at times, and the data itself is all interlinked. How will you know your data is correct if some of the older figures have been removed? What happens when it comes to auditing?

You may not be able to help that your system slows down as more business data is added to it but you can help address the situation.

If you want to...

  • Speed up your JD Edwards system
  • Improve staff efficiency
  • Optimize your storage space
  • Gain substantial cost savings
  • And highlight your business process & data integrity issues

... then Purge-it! is the solution for you.

Klik IT's Purge-it! is an Oracle Validated Integration product. With Purge-it! your data integrity is maintained during and after archiving, even if a process is cancelled mid-way. As a result of working completely within your JD Edwards EnterpriseOne environment, you have the knowledge and satisfaction of working with a solution that has the same look and feel as the interface that you’re used to. This reduces the risks associated with external archiving tools because archiving can now be managed by your existing JDE “super-users.” They get the benefit of minimal training time and you don’t have to worry about time-consuming IT or consultant involvement.

How Can Purge-it! Help with Your Purging Projects?

  • It improves system performance – your users can enjoy a faster response from your system. This can help improve customer service as well as aid your IT department.
  • Backups of your current data become quicker - regular data backups take less IT time.
  • There’s a simple, self contained single process – with Purge-it! the purging process is easy to automate. You can set up regular scheduled archiving to suit your needs and won’t have to worry about issues involved with an external archiving tool.
  • You can free-up disk space - archived material can be stored on lower-cost platforms.
  • Highlights data integrity issues in your environment – with Purge-it! you get detailed data views to help empower your users. 

Purge-it! for use with JD Edwards

Purge-it! breaks down the purging process into easy-to-run modules which represent application areas within JD Edwards. Each module can be installed and licensed individually so that you only need to purchase licenses for the modules you require.

Purge-it! uses mandatory validation and transaction-level processing to ensure that data integrity is maintained regardless of the configuration you use.

A complete audit trail is generated during every Purge-it! session.  The audit information allows you to analyse any errors that occurred, see exactly what has been purged and refine your configuration for future sessions.

Using the audit trail data, Purge-it! can reverse every database transaction as if the purge never took place.

Access to the archive data is seamless to the end user and is maintained through your production environment. This removes the need to maintain separate environments for archive access.

Low Implementation Costs
Since Purge-it! installs as an ASU into your EnterpriseOne application, installation and implementation could not be easier. Access to the application is maintained through standard EnterpriseOne menus and security.

Purge-it! is a solution that has been designed to expand with your business. Klik IT’s software maintenance support gives you an upgrade whenever you move to a newer version of JD Edwards so that your purge and archive solution is always up to date.

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Customer Case Studies

In planning for an upgrade, Dorel Juvenile Group realized that they needed to find a solution that was comprehensive and yet easy to use, could handle the main tables in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, and that allowed access to archived data in a simple and effective manner. Read More

With an upgrade in their future, The District of Saanich realized that they needed to be pro-active in purging and archiving their JD Edwards data, rather than waiting for the time to come when they would need to perform this project. Read More

This global leader in communications needed a solution that would get them past the challenges they were facing with a rapidly growing set of ERP tables, and the corresponding issues this created for back up processing and end user jobs (in particular at month end). Read More

Heading into an upgrade from the older Xe release of EnterpriseOne to the 9.0 level, this leader in consumer media knew that there was risk in carrying too much data into the conversion and migration. With a defined window in which to complete the upgrade (4 days was the maximum) they wanted to remove any risk they could. Read More

Since implementing JD Edwards EnterpriseOne in 2008, Fauchon Paris noticed that their databases were growing incrementally larger. An emergency solution was sought which would not only improve performance speed, but also release up some sorely needed disk space. Read More

The fact that the interface was easy to use, offered good functionality and the toolset was competitively priced, clinched the decision for Daymon Worldwide to choose Purge-it! as their preferred data purge and archive solution. Read More

AAA, much like many JD Edwards customers, wanted to keep their database clean and gain the performance and additional benefits associated with that clean data. Though they were using another available tool for their JDE purge they found that it was not very easy to work with. Read More