RF-SMART: Wireless, Mobile and RFID Data Collection

RF-SMART: Wireless, Mobile and RFID Data Collection

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Are your mobile and warehouse operations disconnected from your ERP system?  Pushing (and losing) too much paper?  TeamCain and RF-SMART can help with proven automated data collection (ADC) and wireless solutions.  Gartner Group reports that Data Collection enhances the ROI on your ERP investment by 30% to 50%!

Supply Chain Improvements Provided By RF-SMART

The RF-SMART solution from ICS provides dramatic improvements to your supply chain, such as:

  •   Improving data accuracy to near 100%
  •   Enhancing productivity by up to 40%
  •   Increasing order accuracy to near 100%
  •   Increasing picking accuracy to near 100%
  •   Improving supply chain visibility to 100%
  •   Providing complete visibility from the shop floor to the customer's door
  •   Enabling superior customer service
  •   Reducing supply chain costs as a percentage of revenue

More Than Just Bar Coding

More than just bar-coding, RF-SMART is a fully multimodal data collection solution. Its advanced technology enables you to choose the most efficient mode of data collection—barcodes, voice, RFID or keypad entry on the mobile device—for every transaction offered. The ability to interchangeably use data collection modes enhances productivity by up to 40% compared to paper-based processes and 20% compared to using barcodes alone.

The RF-SMART solution is certified for Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and World engines, and Microsoft’s Dynamics AX and NAV solutions.

Learn more about RF-SMART for JD Edwards World or EnterpriseOne.


Customer Case Studies

RF-SMART has allowed Alamo Group to conduct shipping, receiving, picking and inventory transactions in real-time. Read More

With RF-SMART’s real-time updates in JD Edwards, Michelman’s inventory status lag- time was completely eliminated and they were successful in completing their annual physical inventory in one day instead of two by using RF-SMART cycle counting. Read More

Henny Penny’s old ADC solution wasn’t fulfilling their distribution needs. After switching to RF-SMART, Henny Penny was able to achieve their 3 key business goals - automating their manual process, increasing data accuracy and achieving real-time visibility – while at the same time increasing productivity without adding headcount. Read More

The RF-SMART software addressed Spyder's efficiency and accuracy concerns and added additional benefits in time savings, cost savings, ease of use, and customer satisfaction. Read More

Contact us to find out how your business can achieve the returns our RF-SMART customers are enjoying.

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Contact us to find out how your business can achieve the returns our RF-SMART customers are enjoying.