BI Publisher Packs (BIPP)

*A TeamCain Exclusive*

Many JDE customers want to make use of the great features available in the BI Publisher solution that is part of the backbone of both EnterpriseOne and World. However, it takes expertise to get up and running, and even more so to get elegant, highly functional outward facing forms and documents. 

TeamCain's BI Publisher Packs (BIPP) are ready-to-use Template Designs. Our goal is to provide you with an easy to install, maintainable, adaptable, affordable and time saving solution that also incorporates advanced features and best practices in the design. Basic JD Edwards generated xml data fields are incorporated by default, making this an "Out of The Box" functioning solution, ready to be configured to your company's unique needs.

All BIPP Designs contain the following features:

  • Company logo display placeholder
  • Dynamically expanding description lines
  • US and Canadian currency in English (Ex. $9,999.99) and French (Ex. 9 999,99$) formatting
  • Multiple language handling in your default UBE language or our custom English, French or Spanish. Incoming language preference field, if used, is also catered for
  • “Mail To Address” fits standard #10 size business envelope
  • Global message fields are included for display at the beginning and/or end of the document
  • Default data fields included with the ability to add extra fields
  • Designs can be easily adapted, whether running base JDE or customized 55-59 versions
  • Compatible with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and World, JD Edwards Tools release 8.98 and higher
  • Licensing, installation and developer user procedure guides
  • Gold and Platinum Packages available

Additional BIPP Design Features (based on document type):

  • Automated page numbers
  • Accumulated page totals and running totals
  • “First Page Only” and “Every Page” headings
  • Detail line attachments and notes
  • Watermark display control
  • Automatic expanding tax section to handle multiple taxes
  • Page overflow and final page footers
  • Internal document name label
  • Terms & Conditions

BI Publisher Packs design styles include portrait or landscape, with options for Terms & Conditions inclusions and locations:

  • Without Terms & Conditions
  • With Terms & Conditions at the end of each document section
  • With Terms & Conditions on the back of every page

Use TeamCain's BIPP Design Processing Options to control the behavior of these built in features:

  • Show/Hide Logo
  • Show/Hide Watermark
  • Activate/Deactivate Page and Running Totals
  • Activate/Deactivate Global Messages at Start of Document
  • Activate/Deactivate Global Messages at End of Document
  • Language
  • Internal File Name
  • Terms & Conditions

Contact us today to find out what documents are available in our BIPP library and for pricing.

To learn more about TeamCain's BI Publisher Packs, watch our webinars.