Our Mission

Our mission is to provide comprehensive, quality consulting services, to enable our customers to realize the full potential of their ERP initiative.  TeamCain will truly add business value by focusing on our customer's needs and building long-term relationships.  We will provide these services and products in an ethical, professional and respectful manner consistent with our values.

TeamCain Values

Our values are what we hold to be true for ourselves as we conduct our business, and provide us with a mirror to which we hold up our actions and the way we conduct ourselves. 

These values include:

  • Treating our customers, our employees, our associates, our partners and our sub-contractors in a fair and appropriate manner.  In any dealings, we place ourselves “on the other side of the table” and try to deal, negotiate, and discuss in a way that we would like to have returned to us.
  • Expecting to make a fair profit, and to compensate our staff, associates and sub contractors in an equivalent manner. We expect a lot from our team on behalf of our customers, and need to be willing to apply principles of fairness in these dealings.  We also must remain profitable and financially sound to continue and extend our history.
  • Doing all we can to respect the environment and to be a good corporate citizen and consumer of resources.  We are not perfect in this area and likely never will be, but we will continue to strive for this.
  • Having a conscience, and striving to do the right thing in all of our dealings.
  • To be ethical and above the board.
  • To give back to the community and the world to the extent we can.