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Migrating from World to EnterpriseOne?

Many customers choose to stick with JD Edwards World and with good reason. It is stable, functional, robust and has all the inherent flexibility that made JDE so popular. Sometimes though, you need or want to get to EnterpriseOne. You might want to take advantage of some of the modules that you can only get in EnterpriseOne. You might want to take advantage of some of the great user interface, reporting, and navigation features that you cannot find in World.

Our consultants have been involved with many migrations, and can be your Sherpas in this process, guiding you for the right steps and keeping you away from trouble. They have the expertise with the applications, the CNC side, development, planning and executing. EnterpriseOne has many more moving parts than World. 

You also need to consider how you want your migration to be done: 

  • Like for Like
    • Where you are simply wanting to get live on EnterpriseOne

  • Like for Like Plus Low Hanging Fruit
    • You want to get there, but explore efficiencies as part of the process. This might be a key new module, some user capabilities like EnterpriseOne Pages and Advanced Queries, or BI Publisher

  • Business Process Re-Engineering
    • You want to take advantage of the project to do a more robust review and implementation

It all depends on you, your goals, your timeframe and resources, and your budget. 

Why not evaluate some of the great solutions already being enjoyed by EnterpriseOne clients:

  • BI Publisher, including the prebuilt advanced forms available from TeamCain with our BI Publisher Packs
  • Spreadsheet Server to replace FASTR and reduce the IT drag for reporting
  • Purge-it! to reduce your data file sizes and streamline your migration
  • UPK to build the right knowledge for your team
  • One View Reporting to put the power of elegant reporting in the hands of your users
  • Watchlists to direct your staff on what they should be paying attention to
  • Business Intelligence to propel your organization forward
  • The cloud – host your JDE in the cloud and reduce your technology staff knowledge needs, either just for the migration or as a permanent solution

Need help to roadmap what your migration and long term strategy on the JDE/technology side should be? Contact us to see how we can help.  


Looking for some help with a migration project? Hear one JDE customer’s story about how they’re getting help consolidating their corporate systems, leveraging the enterprise investment and minimizing their maintenance platform in this video.