Spyder Uses RF-SMART to Handle Increased Seasonal Volumes

Spyder Active Sports, Inc. was founded as a mail-order company run from David Jacob’s kitchen. Today, Spyder operates out of corporate offices in Colorado and Switzerland and is the largest ski-specialty brand in the world.

Part of being progressive in the distribution industry is to eliminate manual data entry and inefficiencies within the warehouse. In 2004, Spyder purchased Oracle’s JD  Edwards ERP as their first step toward inventory control. However, Spyder still needed to automate their processes to reach their efficiency goals.

The RF-SMART software addressed Spyder’s efficiency and accuracy concerns and added additional benefits in time savings, cost savings, ease of use, and customer satisfaction.

“We can now unload a container in two hours versus the two days it took us before RF-SMART.”

Read more about their success in the following case study.

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