Premium Waters: A Purge-it! Success Story

Premium Waters: A Purge-it! Success Story

Having been on EnterpriseOne 8.12, Premium Waters was looking to migrate to 9.1 and make use of the latest benefits for their GL, AR, AP, Purchasing, Sales Order, Inventory, Manufacturing, Advanced Transportation Management and EDI. Keeping their database clean was important to Premium Waters and so they went with a notable purge and archive solution.

Unfortunately, the solution that they chose ran into a number of problems; problems in being able to stop processes once they started, conflicting information between the documentation and support, and difficultly in the set up processes. This led Premium Waters to forgo their purge project until after their upgrade was complete.

About a year after their initial project, Premium Waters realized the extent of their bad data. It's not unusual to have bad data, but it was not what Premium Waters had expected. It was time for them to seek out another purge and archive solution.

“Having been ‘burned’ once before we wanted to make sure this would not happen again...”

Read more of their success in the following case study.

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