Henny Penny Replaces Previous ADC Solution with RF-SMART

Productivity and quality are major parts of what Henny Penny provides to their customers. As a growing company, Henny Penny found the need for increased productivity in their manufacturing and distribution operations. But the automated data collection (ADC) solution that they were using wasn’t up to par. There was a lack of customer service, it wasn’t compliant with EnterpriseOne 9.1 and it had a highly technical approach that put users off. But with RF-SMART, Henny Penny had access to a highly configurable software that included reliable integration with JD Edwards. They could make adjustments to RF-SMART without having to bring in a developer and so shop floor employees would see only what they needed to see.

“Our users are not necessarily technical, so the fact that they could just read the prompt made it very simple. It was also a plus that RF-SMART works much like JD Edwards, so the learning curve was not so steep.”

Read more about their success in the following case study  

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