GN Johnston Equipment Spreadsheet Server and TeamCain

GN Johnston Equipment Gains an Immediate ROI with Spreadsheet Server

“With Spreadsheet Server and Distribution Manager, instead of using precious human capital resources and system resources, we just let the technology do the work. IT loves it that we don’t bother them anymore!” (Randy Wronzberg, CFO, GN Johnston Equipment) 
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Customer since: April, 2010
User Deployment: 12
ERP System: JD Edwards EnterpriseOne®
Global Products:
• Spreadsheet Server
• Distribution Manager


Over the past 50 years, GN Johnston Equipment has been the leader in helping warehouse operators reduce costs and maximize efficiencies. From the first narrow aisle lift truck to the incorporation of microprocessor control technology, Johnston has a long and proud history of product innovation. Johnston uses JD Edwards® enterprise resource planning software for many of their business applications needs. Using the data from JDE for financial reporting is an integral part of their business. Johnston relied on a manual process that took 3 days every month-end, where all financial statements were hard coded into JDE, before recognizing the extensive capabilities and power of Spreadsheet Server for JDE® and Distribution Manager.


Randy Wronzberg, CFO at Johnston admits that he couldn’t tolerate not having an automated system. The waste in the system was not beneficial to the business and in an environment where the numbers always changed, having hard coded financial statements were too prone to errors. They were utilizing IT and administration to create financial statements which resulted in a waste of resources and loss of productivity (due to having to go back if mistakes where found). They also suffered from not having ad-hoc drill-down capabilities which resulted in a lack of analytical information that was critical to the business.

A key criterion that they were looking for was the ability to use software that did not require a big learning curve or take long to implement. Ideally, the software could utilize the powerful analytical features in Excel. They also needed to avoid their old time-consuming method of shipping the reports to various branches across Canada. Once those reports were at the branches, the data had to be rekeyed from the paper documents into an Excel file. Johnston required a solution that allowed them to leverage the familiarity of Excel as a reporting and analysis tool while providing up-to-the-minute dynamic data that could be shared across the company.

“There is no learning curve with this software; it is a live and dynamic link to JDE. If I’m in Excel and using Spreadsheet Server, I can drill down within Excel and don’t have to go to JDE for more info. You can get down to source transaction almost without leaving Spreadsheet Server – that’s key and it’s a big plus.”
(Randy Wronzberg, Chief Financial Officer)


It only took GN Johnston Equipment 2 weeks to get all of their financial statements set up and after 1 month-end, they had all the kinks worked out and saw an immediate return on investment. The main result has been a savings in resources due to much timelier information and the fact that they are able to avoid rekeying all the information like before. Distribution Manager removed all the formulas and left the values intact, which meant they could send a standard spreadsheet to any branch across Canada and the users there could create new analysis reports. Productivity is on the rise and as Randy says; “IT loves it that we don’t bother them anymore!” GN Johnston Equipment can now not only enjoy more timely and accurate information, but they have freed up their own time so they can focus on more strategic tasks. These spreadsheet automation solutions have dramatically changed the way that they do business. The addition of Spreadsheet Server to GN Johnston Equipment has been very well received by all users and is an incredibly valuable solution to the company.

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