Dorel Juvenile Group Purges and Archives their  JD Edwards Data with Purge-it

Dorel Juvenile Group: A Purge-it! Success Story

In planning for an upgrade, Dorel Juvenile Group realized that the time needed for converting their data (about 300GB) would be about 60 hours; however they only had a window of 36 hours to do so. This was obviously going to be a problem. They needed to find a solution that worked for them: a solution that was comprehensive and yet easy to use, a solution that could handle the main tables in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, and a solution that allowed access to archived data in a simple and effective manner.

After reviewing the alternatives, Dorel chose the Purge-it! product...

“It ticked all the boxes for us – simple yet powerful, easy access to data once it was archived, low consulting requirements. Being built right into EnterpriseOne and having the same look and feel made it more attractive to both us and our user community.”

Read more about their success in the following case study.

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