Package Automation, AP Automation, & Self Service Password Reset

PACKMAN is a module which has been designed and developed using the standard EnterpriseOne development toolkit. Installing PACKMAN does not affect or impact the standard package build and deployment applications, your ability to build and deploy packages using the standard process is still available and will work side by side with the PACKMAN module. Packman is an Oracle Validated Integration.

Forza Consulting’s SCANMAN is the only out-of-the-box Invoice Automation solution for JD Edwards available today. It is built from their strong back end knowledge of the core ERP system, adding to it a tailor fit front end to maximize the user experience. SCANMAN is a complete, web-based Invoice Automation solution, seamlessly integrated into your Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne application using the latest Composite Application Framework for E1 (Cafe One) features.

Forza Consulting’s Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) solution for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne enables end-users to reset their JDE password without the intervention of the IT helpdesk or system administrator, increasing the efficiency of your IT Helpdesk while simultaneously improving end-user productivity. SSPR safeguards system security by storing all user-account sensitive information within JD Edwards, providing in controllability, audit
trails and company password policy compliance. SSPR is as secure as it is effective.

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PACKMAN: The Ultimate Package
Automation Tool

SCANMAN: JD Edwards Invoice
Automation Made Easy

SSPR: JD Edwards Self Service
Password Reset (SSPR)

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