What You Can Expect with Spreadsheet Server Version 14

May 31, 2013

Authored by Michael Guerin, TeamCain

We host a lot of webinars on Spreadsheet Server, the spreadsheet automation solution from Global Software, Inc and so we thought it would be a good idea to share the latest news.

For those not familiar with Spreadsheet Server, it basically allows end users to use Excel features and functions to create dynamic reports and dashboard views of your ERP data. It acts like a bridge between your ERP (JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, SAP) and Excel. The data can be accessed, automated and has full drill-down capabilities. With the cloud-based QueryExchange™ component of Spreadsheet Server, users can select and modify pre-built queries to meet their specific needs.

Global Software has expanded on the capabilities of Spreadsheet Server with their latest release of Version 14.

With this release, we usher in a new age of what Microsoft Excel Automation means to the common business user, our Spreadsheet Server has always had a foundation of power, flexibility and intuitiveness. We expanded on these principles in V14 based on customer requests and the ever evolving climate of technology,” said Harry Powell, Vice President of Research and Development at Global Software.

So for those of you who are looking to harness the power of Spreadsheet Server, here are some new features you will get with Version 14:

  • It’s designed for Windows 8 and Integrated with Office 2013
  • It offers mobile reporting capabilities (touch screen friendly for Excel 2013!!)
  • Building on the simplicity of consuming info for casual and power users, it offers unlimited drill down and discovery. You can drill across data sources. Tic and trace to and from one system to another
  • It continues to lower reliance on consistent intervention from IT support teams across the enterprise
  • Gives users collaborative friendly distribution of reports and analysis complete with a single installation platform
  • **New** Profile Scheduler for off hours computation, scheduled distribution and Outlook Contact caching

We love the power of the Spreadsheet Automation Suite and what it has meant for our customers. The features in V14 really adds to this. It is going to raise the bar yet again. Being a “reformed” accountant and someone who has spent a career in technology, it sure shows how you can win on both ends - freeing up IT staff and letting end users serve themselves - gotta love it!

To watch the latest Spreadsheet Server webinar, visit our webinars page. To read the full press release, click here