We’re having a heat wave… Yes temps are hot but our webinar lineup is even hotte

We’re having a heat wave… Yes temps are hot but our webinar lineup is even hotter!

July 21, 2011

Authored by Sarah Mack, TeamCain

It’s 40°C in Peterborough, Ontario today (aka the home of TeamCain), cooling stations are being set up in urban areas where it feels like 50°C, and I am just now hearing that rail warping is taking place on train lines… Who knew, in heat like this the GO trains have to run slowly due to rails warping… that’s scary. City buses and subways are struggling with heat stroke of passengers and the warnings are all saying to stay inside, hydrated and be careful.  We haven’t had heat like this since the 1940’s….Yes, it appears we are having a heat wave and I hear we are close to breaking a record!   

I can’t help but think that by the time our August and September webinars are underway this heat should be cooling off and we’ll be moving into a much more comfortable time of year… but for now, here we are heating things up even more with a great line up of webinars for August and September.  Looking back over the past few months I’m realizing just how much work has gone into the preparation, creation and execution of these upcoming webinars, we truly have a great team and network behind us and we at TeamCain are very excited to share these sessions with you.  I hope you will find them educational, valuable and a great source of information to ponder and add to your own knowledge bank.

We’ll kick the heat wave off with an encore presentation of a truly great session for Excel users on August 4.  This presentation filled up so quickly last time we hosted it that it certainly calls for an encore.  Don’t miss this session which will provide tips and techniques for best practices with your Excel usage in your ERP environment.  You will get an overview of some native features in Excel that we feel are underutilized.  I had a customer recently come up to me at the ECRUG conference in Toronto, Ontario to tell us what an amazing educational session this was… she was able to find answers to things that have stumped her and that she didn’t even realize could be done!   Register for this session here.

Some other highly recommended sessions for these next two months are listed below:

August 16
Spice Up Your Spreadsheet Automation, Distribution & Dashboards for JD Edwards
September 9Transform AP for JDE: Sheltering You from the Blizzard of Paper-Based Invoices
September 14 (NEW TOPIC!)Electronic Vendor Payments with no work, no fuss & dividends for YOU!
September 20How to Relieve the Headache that Excess JDE Data Brings
September 29Gain Peace of Mind and Confidence in your Payment Processing Program

And finally… in the amount of time it took me to write this blog we have broken a record in Ontario for heat… Records broken in Toronto, Windsor and Hamilton! 
Stay Cool.  See you in August and September!