Congrats to our Q3 webinar winner - Carlo Angeles from CNRL

TeamCain’s Quarterly Webinar Draw – Q3 Winner Announced

October 25, 2011

Congrats to our Q3 webinar winner - Carlo Angeles from CNRL

Each quarter, we draw for a winner of a $200 gift card from those that attend our webinars - these show up in the educational content notices you get each month from our friends at Quest. This quarter, the winner was Carlo Angeles from Canadian Natural Resources (CNRL) in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Carlo, a Finance Analyst, won from attending our webinar on August 16th on the Spreadsheet Server solution. Congrats Carlo! Typically this is a Best Buy card, but Carlo opted to ask for and receive one from Golf Town - guess there may be a new club in his future!

We hosted webinars in Q3 on:  

  • The secure credit card processing solutions from 3 Delta Systems Inc.
  • The ARCTOOLS data file purge and archive solution
  • The Spreadsheet Server, Executive Dash and Distribution Manager reporting and analytics solutions from Global software for JDE
  • The same solutions from Global Software for Peoplesoft users
  • "Where's my stuff" - showcasing the integrated RF solutions from RF-Smart
  • The AP Automation solutions integrated with JDE from Bottomline Technologies

All of these are available on our recorded webinars section on our website. While on our site, why not check out our upcoming winter webinars?

Keep your eyes on your inbox or follow @TeamCain on Twitter as well as join the TeamCain group on LinkedIn for upcoming webinar announcements. Maybe you can find out some elegant ways to extend your ERP engine with our class leading solutions, and join Carlo in the winner's circle!

TeamCain’s Next Webinar:
October 26, 2011 @ 2PM EDT Frightened to Enlightened: Spreadsheet Server for JD Edwards