Talking ‘Bout My Generation: JD Edwards 5G

January 14, 2015

Authored by Sarah Mack, TeamCain

In an Oracle blog series, Oracle’s JD Edwards Senior Vice President and General Manager, Lyle Ekdahl, has been discussing Oracle JD Edwards’ Fifth Generation and why JD Edwards users like you should care.

The fifth generation (or 5G) is the next generation of ERP solutions that leverages technology to position your business for success. There have been many changes to core ERP over the past couple of years namely in innovations like mobile apps, big data applications, real time collaboration with employees, improved user experience, BYOD and the cloud. JD Edwards is always looking to lead and innovate well ahead of the crowd as they have supported these innovations.

5G is different from traditional technology. Before, technology was layered on top of existing business processes to create a linear structure (it was there to help speed things up). Now with 5G, technology is intertwined with the business structure. To enable greater benefits and values, processes, products and people work together as one in a system.

The latest generation of workers are bringing their own unique experience and expectations to the workplace and as Ekdahl points out, “JDE 5G is all about making the necessary changes in how we operate and in what we deliver to address these shifts in our world so that we might seize opportunities that this change will expose.

The business requirements that 5G will address include:

  • Mobile access from simple, context- and task-based apps
  • CYOA – Create Your Own App to allow personalization of the software and let people work the way they want to work (yet still maintaining that process structure)
  • Deployment options on premise and in the cloud
  • Utilizing the latest and emerging devices (like sensors, wearable technology, other machine-to-machine devices)

Oracle is dedicated to incorporating their learning and experience into their solutions.

If you’re interested in more information, check out the blog series “JDE 5G – What Is It and Do I Even Care?” The next part of the series looks at the expected results of the digital overdrive era and the impact that it has on our economy.

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