Spotlight on Spreadsheet Server: For JD Edwards

May 21, 2013

Authored by Sarah Mack, TeamCain

What do real customers have to say about Spreadsheet Server?

  • "With Spreadsheet Server and Distribution Manager, instead of using precious human capital resources and system resources, we just let the technology do the work. IT loves it that we don’t bother them anymore!"
  • "With Spreadsheet Server, we have had no resistances whatsoever from users."
  • "If you have JD Edwards, you have to have Spreadsheet Server..."
  • "You're going to buy the product. You'd be silly not too..."

We’ve hosted many webinars on Spreadsheet Server for JD Edwards (in fact, we just hosted one – check out the recording) and the reaction from viewers never gets old! They are so impressed by how easily users can facilitate day to day reporting from JD Edwards to Excel and have full drill down capabilities to the support details. Check out the video below for a quick look at how end users can maximize their efficiencies within Excel through Spreadsheet Server’s direct connection with JD Edwards.

 To learn more, check out this customer case study.