Reminders of the Way We Were: EnterpriseOne In-Memory Applications

December 10, 2013

Authored by Alana Smith, TeamCain

“Can it be that it was all so simple then, or has time re-written every line...”

Time didn’t re-write any lines but back in May of this year, Oracle announced two new real-time In-Memory applications that are now providing users the ability to complete complex logic/calculations on large data sets in real time that previously had been unavailable. The two new applications are for Project Portfolio Management and Sales Advisor, both which leverage Oracle’s Engineered Systems technology.

JDE E1 In-Memory Project Portfolio Management

Are you looking for deeper project financial insight? Oracle understands that insight into the real-time status of your business requires bringing together a wide variety of financial information and tasks for hundred of individual projects. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne In-Memory Project Portfolio Management presents real-time access to financial and billing project information across a project portfolio and does all this in one application. You get the information you need to manage projects throughout the entire project lifecycle from budgeting and planning, to project execution, change management and billing to project closeout.

You can quickly and easily change the summary view and sort by job, supervisor, company, project, region, type of work and more. You greatly reduce the time to analyze and manage projects as well as quickly identify project issues. One handy feature is when an “as-if” currency is specified, the system automatically converts and displays all amounts in the currency specified, eliminating the time it takes to calculate and summarize multi currency project information.

Any company that runs their business with low margins need to be able to manage and track cash flow for all projects – it’s quite crucial. Managers need to be able to assess the profitability of projects and then manage the projects so that they coincide with what their customers require. This application allows project managers to manage the work and related costs while at the same time gaining insight into how projects are contributing to the cash flow of the company. They can make changes to the work being done or even who does the work to increase profitability. There’s even drill down functionality!

It’s a great way to keep your project costs under control.

JDE E1 In-Memory Sales Advisor for Oracle Engineered Systems

When it comes to driving revenue and ensuring profits, you customer service representatives need an easier way to manage multiple price lists and promotions so they can recommend higher quantities and guarantee profit margins are met while they interact with your customers. JD Edwards EnterpriseOne In-Memory Sales Advisor uses Oracle Engineered Systems technology of multi-threaded logic processing to read through the customer’s entire price schedule and display applicable quantity level breaks in real-time thus reducing the set up and maintenance or pricing discounts and promotions.

Not only can you increase top line revenue through up-selling at order entry but you can improve the efficiency and productivity of your customer service representatives. Your representatives can view up-sell opportunities and make quantity recommendations. There is even a convenient visual indicator if a free good is associated to the higher purchase quantity, which gives additional incentive for the customer to increase their order quantity and it’s very quick for the CSR to update the sales order.

Another handy feature is access to key information to drive additional sales like the profitability for products and orders based on a customer’s purchase history. You can also look that the existing profit margin for each product on the sales order and create a graph. This application is designed to integrate with the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Order Management products (Advanced Pricing, Product Variants, Sales Order Management) using common tools and a Pure Internet Architecture. 

For more information, visit Oracle’s website.

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