A Post-INFOCUS look at JD Edwards

December 19, 2013

Authored by Sarah Mack, TeamCain

INFOCUS was a huge success this year, with 100 more attendees than last year and 718 attendees all together representing 6 countries we can all agree that word is spreading and INFOCUS has become a monumental event for JD Edwards customers.  This year, the event included World products and networking both of which were very well received by attendees.  In a recent WUG call Bob Mann, Senior Director of World Development at Oracle, spoke in a post-INFOCUS briefing on the topics of Modernization of World and Extensibility in A9.3.1.  If you are a World customer you will want to check out this recap below to see what Oracle is working on in the JDE Labs.

Firstly, you should be aware the Oracle has a roadmap through 2018 and it is very important that you know it does not end there that’s just as far as they have taken it at the moment. For info on World Support Dates click here. Oracle seems to be very dedicated to World and the innovation and modernization of World.  It has been Oracle policy that when enhancements are made to programs they convert them to RPGIV.  While RPGIV and RPGILE are synonymous they have not taken full advantage of ILE.  In their PLANNED modernization Oracle’s leveraging of true ILE will;

  • Eliminate redundant code
  • Provide the ability to leverage common routines
  • Make the code easier to support and maintain
  • Provide easier integration to external applications and processes
  • Reduce upgrade complexity
  • Ability to define & bind service programs within software version repository

Moving forward, Oracle is planning to innovate the way we visualize data.  The plans for this include Reporting across the Enterprise with World View Reporting for JD Edwards World.  Oracle is leveraging the work they have done with EnterpriseOne reporting in OneView Reporting and looking at World View Reporting in 5 areas, these are;

  • Manufacturing Management
  • Procurement & Subcontracts
  • Payroll HCM
  • Sales Order Management
  • Inventory Management  

Oracle's Plan for World View Reporting. Copyright © 2013, Oracle and/or it's affiliates. All rights reserved.

The apps will have pre defined views or record selection with the ability to do further data refinement.  From the World View application you can launch the World View Report (BIP) (pre defined) with gauges, pie charts, bar charts and 30/40/50 different report components that are interactive.  You will have the ability to click on a pie chart and drill down to the point where you can get back into the World application and render within the app, very cool stuff.  This is truly innovating the way we work!

Oracle is also looking at developing their own World GUI interface, FUSE UI.  It will leverage common FUSE UI, have EnterpriseOne similarities, be HTML 5 based, include dynamic rendering (World green screen apps Oracle or custom will be rendered in new UI, in addition to IBM utilities).  The innovative world navigation will include new and tradition navigational features.  It is planned to have Tree style menus (driven by current content), EnterpriseOne pages (process flow rendering) and Collapsible Fast Path & Favourites.  The GUI display will leverage existing applications in the form of; no changes to existing applications (dynamic rendering, works with any World developed app), Navigation widgets (CRUD, Page Up, Page Down), Graphical widgets (Calendar, UDC Drop Downs).  They are also evaluating the ability to search on UDC description.  Oracle is also researching certain short and long term initiatives including; Generic Tax Solution and Flex Fields which are like “user defined data on steroids” according to Bob Mann.  You can expand existing tables through tag, render on the form, make it accessible for internal or external reporting.  You will be able to expand the existing apps without making changes to the base code. 

Remember, Oracle does want your input.  They are looking for Early Adopter customers to verify their initiatives with and to do periodic validation of designs and proto types.  You can contact TeamCain for assistance and we will put you in contact with the appropriate people at Oracle in this regard.

If this article interested you, check out the second half of Bob Mann’s briefing on JD Edwards World Extensibility here.