Oracle Gets Personal on EnterpriseOne Tools 9.1 Release

December 21, 2011

Authored by Sarah Mack

Oracle has attempted to dispel some common myths with their most recent UI release – Tools 9.1 for EnterpriseOne.  On an Oracle webex from December 14, 2011, Chris Walsh (Senior Product Manager for Tools & Product Strategy) says Oracle recognizes that there are common beliefs out there that EnterpriseOne is outdated, that Oracle is no longer investing in JD Edwards and that EnterpriseOne lacks true innovation.  The focus for the E1 Tools 9.1 update is to dramatically improve the E1 user experience, simplify system admin tasks and make high availability solutions easier to implement, and further leverage the technology infrastructure stack underneath JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.  From what I have seen of the live demo Oracle scores an A+ on answering the common mis-conceptions with some pretty cool new features.  

Some common areas that Oracle has focused on in the new release are rapid time-to-value, low total cost of ownership, flexible configuration and personalization rather than customization and product scalability for company growth.   I find the personalization point one that is worthy of mentioning – Oracle has really thought hard about bringing end-user personalization to the new release so that companies no longer need to do so many mods and customizations in order to meet user needs.  Some of the areas they have excelled at in terms of personalization include; increased capabilities and features in the grid, ability to save personal reports in the Query manager, quicker access to personal reports through the recent reports functionality, the ability to manage favourites on an end user basis and the biggest of all is the added functionality of the carousel to display apps.  The below chart outlines my top picks for favourite functionality in the new release, many answer the personalization focus and show a dramatic improvement to user the user experience.   Why not let me know what you think by commenting on this blog after you check out the chart below? 

Do any of these features interest you as a user?  Any comments?  Are you nervous of the update to Tools 9.1 or excited for this new functionality?  I would love to hear from you!

Source: Oracle WebEx, December 14, 2011