Oracle Briefing on Extensibility within JD Edwards World

December 19, 2013

Authored by Sarah Mack, TeamCain

In a recent Oracle briefing Bob Mann (Senior Director of World Development at Oracle) spoke on Modernization of World as well as JD Edwards World Extensibility.  This posting will focus on the JD Edwards Extensibility portion of that briefing.

In the A8.1 release Oracle delivered User Defined Exits which provided the ability to select a user defined exit off of F24.  In A9.3 they expanded to allow calling an external process and passing the parameters to that external process.  In A9.3.1 Oracle is bringing Extensibility to World.  Their objective is to reduce the need to modify the base code in order to provide integrations, localizations, customizations and partner exits. Extensibility will provide the ability to “tailor” applications with minimal coding requirements making it easier to stay on the current release. In A9.3.1 Extensibility will bring;

  • Externalized calls to extended application functionality
  • Rules driven based on user defined conditions at specific application events
  • Reduces need to modify base code
  • Reduces or eliminates reapplying localizations/customizations from one release to another where extensibility is applied

There are some general guidelines with which extensibility will follow and these include the fact that extensions are stored separately from the base code with which they are associated.  Also, each extension can be enabled/disabled and can have conditional execution.  Furthermore, extensions will have elements to ensure that Oracle extensions, Business Partner Products and/or Customer extensions can coexist.  There will be an extension workbench as well where creation, management and reporting of extensions will be provided.  In order to enable extensibility in World please refer to the following steps from Oracle as presented by Bob Mann.

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