A Letter to Santa from J.D. Edwards

A Letter to Santa from J.D. Edwards

December 23, 2013

Dear Santa,

How are you big guy? How has your year been? Mine’s been great! The guys in IT got me some pretty sweet enhancements and applications back in April and my friends are loving them. For a JDE system, I’d say I’m running pretty top notch. How are the elves, Mrs. Claus and your reindeer? Hope everyone in the North Pole aren’t too stressed with the upcoming rush at the end of the month.

I don’t ask for much Santa, I work hard day in and day out and most of the time people forget how much I do... There are a few things I need to ask for this Christmas so that I may operate at my best next year... First, I think I need a new look for the upcoming year, so any Upgrade Gear would be much appreciated. I’ve noticed I’m getting a little slower as I grow older so maybe with an Upgrade I will speed up? I’m also constantly carrying around files full of old data (I’m a pack rat) but I heard that I can purge and archive them. I was hoping you might treat me to a little Purge-it! software this year!  It sure would help me make the bosses proud in 2014.

I also need your help with another problem I have. I’m getting really tired of people constantly telling me what to do and they go back and forth between me and my friend, telling each of us the wrong information. Got anything that could automate that process so there isn’t misunderstood data? I dunno, like a spreadsheet automation solution that updates data in Excel with the push of a button – something like that? My buddy Chip says Spreadsheet Server is a great way to solve this issue.  Also, with all my friends going mobile I’m afraid I’ll never see them again unless I go mobile too.  I know that’s alot to ask but it will let me get out of this box and go everywhere and anywhere I want to!  If I could get something that allowed me to connect with say a CRM system, that would be so cool!!

What’s the weather like in the North Pole? Do you get many snowstorms? With all the changes in weather these days, I was thinking I might like a summer home away from my main location, just incase disaster were to strike. That way I can go there and be safe and my friends can still get ahold of me. I want to make sure that me and my friends are prepared for the worst in 2014.

Anyway, that’s all for now. I’ll make sure to leave out some delicious cookies for you with a nice tall glass of milk. Just please don’t spill it on my keyboard, because I didnt ask for an upgrade to that this year.  Thanks so much, Santa!

Your Friend,

J.D. Edwards

P.S. Don’t skimp on the Legos... Legos rule!!