JD Edwards Support Dates & What You Can Do

JD Edwards Support Dates & What You Can Do

March 15, 2011

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As technology advances, it gets harder to keep up. Before we know it, 4-D TVs will be entering our homes and we’ll think we’ve transported into an episode of Star Trek (The Next Generation, of course). This isn’t just in an everyday sense – it’s happening in business as well. It seems like software advances occur every couple of months and that means you could be facing an upgrade to remain on top.

Will the support for your software just disappear once newer versions come around? The short answer is “No” – you might still be eligible for extended support but then again, you might not be. Then you need to consider the upgrade options available to you. 

Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne
Table Showing JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Support Dates
As you can see in the table, if you are running version 8.9 or 8.10, you might not be able to get the support that you used to.  Both are out of the normal support stream, even for extended support.  With the “way back” versions Xe and 8.0 you still have a bit of room, but December 2013 will come before you know it.  With older releases like this as well, even if you are keeping up on the tools releases – odds are there are real opportunities to revamp your business processes, so the upgrade should be treated as a great time to improve your business.  Even if you are running 8.11, your premier support end date was a while ago. For all those on 8.12, looks like you’ve got another month before your premier support ends. However, there is a silver lining to this cloud – extended support (of course that does come with a higher cost).   You may only have a couple of years left, but you can keep to the road you’re on. Or you can upgrade, which also has its benefits (read about that here). Notice the 9.1 (planned) on the above table? Yeah folks, it’s coming… technology is always advancing!

Oracle JD Edwards World
Table Showing JD Edwards World Support Dates
If you are a World user, you’ve got almost another three years before your Premier Support ends on the older (A7.3 and A8.1) releases.  If you have already gone to A9.1 – hard to believe but Premier support ends in about a year!  It is recommended that you might want to upgrade to A9.2 or EnterpriseOne version 9.0 as the next step for those using older versions of World. Going with EnterpriseOne would mean a migration. Again, notice the A9.3 (planned)…

It boils down to the question – do you want to take that risk? Do you want to be the company who is running an older version that has zero support left and you’re lucky if you can find a solution to your issues? Or, do you want to be the company that is ahead of the game and at the forefront of technology? As scary as the risk may be, it might well be worth it.  The new capabilities, features and modules available in the newer releases tend to make the upgrade business case much easier as well. 

The tables came from: "Upgrade Business Case/ROI" presented by Barbara Canham, JD Edwards Product Strategy, and Mark Welsh, JD Edwards Product Marketing (A presentation from the Oracle JD Edwards 2nd Annual Partner Summit)

Posted by Alana Smith | March 15, 2011