Indi-Alana Jones & the Raiders of the Lost Archived Data

Indi-Alana Jones & the Raiders of the Lost Archived Data

July 11, 2014

Authored by Alana Smith, TeamCain

Through my various adventures, I’ve discovered that both JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and World users haven’t been thinking about a data purge – over 60% said they have never purged or archived. I understand that the thought of a purge project can be daunting but by putting a purge project off, you’re running the risk of too much information which can hurt your system and business in the long run.

Whispers of a solution that mirrored JD Edwards and could keep data integrity after a purge had been circling around. I had to find it – maybe this was the answer to emphasize the need to purge and archive old data. Luckily for me, my friend Marion was also looking for the same thing.

Marion worked at a company that had over 10 plus years of data in their system. They were planning on upgrading their JD Edwards EnterpriseOne but the system was really starting to slow down. She was charged with finding a solution that would increase the speed and performance of JD Edwards while at the same time offering an easy and fail-safe way to archive older historical data without losing information integrity or usability.

She showed me her list of ‘must haves’:

  • It had to be comprehensive and yet easy to use
  • It had to be able to handle the main tables in JDE and the relational nature of JDE for the data across the systems
  • It had to be able to access the archived data in a simple yet effective manner (“We don’t want to mess around with mappings, security implications and the like,” she said.)
  • It has to be turn-key - there aren’t the resources around to make the purge happen (i.e. staff or time)

I asked her about the possibility of setting up an in-house purge solution and she scoffed.

“The cost would be higher, the time involved would be longer and involve higher risk, and quite frankly Indi-Alana, we have better things to do with our time.”

And so we searched high and low on the market for a solution.  The other solutions out there seemed complicated, had a lower value, weren’t as tightly integrated with JD Edwards as was needed and were not as easy to implement.

We went back to her office and were confronted by a nice Englishman, sitting at her computer. He smiled at us.

I heard that you were looking for a solution for purged and archived JD Edwards data,” he said. “Let me show you how Purge-it! works.

We cautiously inched closer to her desk, the light from the monitor reflecting on our faces. He wouldn’t actually purge the old data there, in front of us... would he? The mouse moved and clicked.

Don’t look, Marion!” I yelled. We shut our eyes tight.

No, do look!” said the Englishman. “See how Purge-it! is working completely within your JD Edwards EnterpriseOne environment. You can have the knowledge and satisfaction of working with a solution that has the same look and feel as the interface that you’re used to. With Purge-it!, if you so choose to maintain all of your historical data for legislative or general business purposes, you can! Being able to strip this from the production table while still having access to it is a large benefit.

We slowly opened our eyes. He was right... It was amazing. Right there on the screen we could see Purge-it! at work. It looked just like a regular EnterpriseOne screen.

Also,” continued the Englishman, “you needn’t worry about your data that is being purged and archived. First, this is in a test environment. Second, you’ll get a full audit trail and it’s fully reversible.” He stood up and left.

We stood there for awhile confused as to what just happened. Looking at Marion’s screen again, we saw that Purge-it! had already purged and archived 5 MB of data. We ran down the hall to see if others were still able to use the system. The users were using the system with no problems. All while Purge-it! was working its magic.

That is exactly what I was looking for! I wonder where he came from?” Marion asked.

I wasn’t sure but what I did know was that it seemed to me that the archived data would be safe.

Want to see what we saw? If you use EnterpriseOne click here or if you use World click here.

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