To EnterpriseOne or Not to EnterpriseOne, that is the Question

April 07, 2014

Authored by Alana Smith, TeamCain

For EnterpriseOne users looking to upgrade, they have the option of going to a new version (or another ERP but who would want to do that!). For JDE World users, they have the task of deciding, (a) do we upgrade to the latest version of World or (b) do we migrate over to EnterpriseOne? On a recent Oracle World Upgrade call, a current World customer told their tale about staying with World. Here are some great points that they made that all World users should consider when upgrading.

Keeping up with the Ellison’s
One reason to stay on World is to keep current with Oracle’s Premier and Extended Support dates. If you’re running an older version of World, chances are that support has long past and simply upgrading to the latest release of World ensures that your support is covered. The Premier Support end date for those running A9.2 is coming up in April 2014 but extended support is available until April 2017. However, moving up the ladder to A9.3 guarantees support until March 2017. If you’re interested in more information, read this post.

Bothersome Business Battles
Unfortunately, the company doesn’t just revolve around your department. There are other projects that your company has to weigh to determine what gets priority. For the company that was presenting their story, their company was dealing with a recent acquisition. That was great for the company in terms of company growth but it meant a challenge for the upgrade project. In the end, their upgrade project timeline was pushed back a couple of months. Upgrades can greatly affect organizational structures. If you decide to upgrade to the next version of World, keep in mind what else is going on in the company and how your timeframe will play out. It might make sense and be quicker for organizational needs to consider a full on migration to EnterpriseOne in the future and simply migrate to the latest World release now. 
The Price is Right
Depending on the size of your company, an upgrade could become quite costly. The customer on the World call showed a comparison of how much it would cost them to stay with World, how much it would cost them to move to EnterpriseOne and how much it would cost them to migrate to an entirely different ERP system. I’m unable to talk specifics but it was still interesting to see the price difference. If your company has other projects occurring at the same time as your World upgrade project, highlighting the benefit of a reasonable cost to upgrade your World ERP to the next level might help sway project priority.   

You like “Like-for-Like”
You like JDE World, so why change? Staying with World means that you can keep the strategic functionality of World that you know. Even if you move to a newer release, you’re sure to get the same functionality. Because your team and users know World, the risk that something could go wrong is reduced. ERP implementations can be complex but upgrading to the latest version is a step towards a faster (and better) system that can really do wonders for your business. Newer versions can be mirror images of what you have now but with added functionality that is, well, new! 

The “World” it is A Changing
As “Worldies” for a long time now at TeamCain, we absolutely are thrilled with the recent updates to that version of JDE.  There has been some awesome additions and update in the latest 9.3 release, including security (much like EnterpriseOne, with roles, a workbench and more), interoperability, MUCH easier ways to code for your requirements while making it easier for upgrades down the road (think externalized calls / named conditions), EDD enhancements, web services and so much more.  The sneak peak our President, Mike Guerin, got at the next release sounds even more compelling... more to come on that soon.