Embrace your Excel Spreadsheets with Spreadsheet Server

Embrace your Excel Spreadsheets with Spreadsheet Server

August 02, 2011

Authored by Michael Guerin, TeamCain

Spreadsheet Server is an impressive Excel automation solution and it is well worth a look. Many are a little hesitant to trust a spreadsheet automation solution as they are so used to working with their spreadsheets manually. People don’t want to lose the flexibility of spreadsheets or even the spreadsheets themselves. But Spreadsheet Server is a solution you can trust. It takes your ERP (EnterpriseOne, PeopleSoft etc) and all the great data gathering abilities and combines it with the awesome analytical capabilities with the widely used Microsoft Excel. Spreadsheet Server doesn’t eliminate your Excel spreadsheets – it embraces them.

One thing you need to know is that even though this awesome solution is called Spreadsheet Server, there is actually no server required!  The “Server” in the name really means ‘serving the user their ERP data in a spreadsheet format’.  What could be better than using a tool you are already familiar with, Excel, to access your typically hard-to-get-at ERP data?

You can easily go on our website and read the features and benefits that Spreadsheet Server can bring to your JD Edwards but it’s not the same as hearing it from the mouths of those who’ve actually used the solution…

“By implementing Spreadsheet Server, we’ve cut three days out of our financial month-end process, and countless trees have been saved.”
G. N. Johnston Equipment uses JD Edwards enterprise resource planning software for many of their business application needs. Using the data from JDE for financial reporting is an integral part of their business. Theresa Thatcher, who is a Business Systems Analyst from G. N. Johnston Equipment, explains how since implementing Spreadsheet Server, they have been able to produce reports on a more timely, more accurate and a much more effective basis and they’ve been able to implement a lot of other financial reports that they were doing manually.
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“What we’ve been able to do with Spreadsheet Server is get information to our accounting group, our manufacturing group, and our managers faster, more accurately, and with a whole lot less effort than we’ve ever been able to do before.”
When Linda Nelson, Corporate Accounting Manager at La-Z-Boy Incorporated, mentioned to a room of 70 accountants that they had to learn a new way to generate their reports, she wasn’t met with excitement. However, after two hours of training, every one of those accountants had generated multiple spreadsheets that they could actually use on their jobs. With the help of Spreadsheet Server, La-Z-Boy was able to get their month-end close back on track.
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“Spreadsheet Server has dramatically increased our ability to extract data in a time sensitive manner and create live current reports that can be updated periodically and formatted in a manner that is presentable to the users.”
Janice Reitman, Accounting Manager at Guthy-Renker, talks about how Spreadsheet Server for use with Oracle not only reduced the amount of time it took them to do their analytics but also shed light on currency issues that this solution could help address.
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“Now that we have these fantastic automated tools, suddenly accountants have more time to do quality analysis, they had time to rerun reports when errors were discovered, and overall the organization benefited from the time that was gained.”
Before purchasing Spreadsheet Server and Executive Dash, CREIT had an urgent need to reduce the effort in their financial reporting preparation as well as the time it took for month end close. They are a company that uses Excel heavily so they needed a solution that could address the errors that came with manually inputting data into Excel as well as a solution that would maintain the sophisticated and professional look of reports they had already built in Excel. In a recent webinar, we asked the IS Director from CREIT to share his Spreadsheet Server experience with us. You can tell from his tone and his eagerness to show the attendees on the webinar the various reports he has built with Spreadsheet Server and Executive Dash, and the functions that each product can bring to Excel, that these products have really helped CREIT.
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Are you currently using Spreadsheet Server? Why not recommend it to others or send us your own experience about how Spreadsheet Server has helped you and/or your company.

If you’d like your own personal demo of Spreadsheet Server, please don’t hesitate to contact me, Michael Guerin.