CanRUG Webinar Recap: Change Management Theories & Strategies for Success

May 26, 2017

Authored by Alana Johnson, TeamCain

Change is a given in the world today – personal and business. You cannot avoid it, and it is critical to day to day success and even more so in a project scenario.

Recently, Chris Hogg, Co-Chair of the Canada Regional User Group (CanRUG for short), was joined by Michael Guerin, President of TeamCain, for the first event of its kind; an official kick off webinar to the summer conference.

On the webinar, Hogg spoke about the coming together of the Eastern and Western Canadian RUG’s as well as information as to the future plans for CanRUG. The main focus of the webinar was on Change Management theories, strategies, and why it is critical for organizations’ success.

If you are currently experiencing organizational change or just want to be prepared for imminent change, watch the video below.

If you would like a copy of the slides from the presentation, click here.