Announcements from Oracle: EnterpriseOne Enhancements

February 10, 2015

Authored by Alana Smith, TeamCain

Recently at the 2015 JD Edwards Partner Summit, Oracle announced the latest enhancements for EnterpriseOne Mobile Applications, Rental Management and Real-Time Grid Summarization.

EnterpriseOne Mobile Applications

Oracle’s JDE E1 Mobile Applications are meant to empower the mobile workforce with convenient applications to accelerate business processes. With the latest release, there is a total of 81 Mobile Applications for EnterpriseOne users to use on their device of choice. Some of the new applications that are available on both tablets and smartphones include: 

  • JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Project Time Entry
  • JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Sales Order Counts
  • JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Quote Review and Release
  • JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Search Sales Order
  • JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Product Price and Availability
  • JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Held Order Release
  • JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Condition Based Maintenance
  • JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Payment Batch Approvals

The new applications are available via Apple’s App Store, Google Play and as Archives on the Update Center.

Also included in this release, there have been enhancements made for the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Mobile Framework (in conjuncture with Oracle Mobile Application Framework) to simplify mobile application development so that developers can create and deliver a customer-specific mobile experience.

The total number of available Mobile Application Archive files has increased by 31.  The new files allow customers and partners to personalize and extend the delivered E1 Mobile applications. For a full list of the 31 new Mobile Application Archive files included in this latest release, click here.

EnterpriseOne Rental Management

The purpose of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Rental Management is to provide strategic visibility into inventory and equipment availability as well as support high levels of customer service. The new features in this release allow you to automate the return and billing of partial returns, the period end process for unrealized revenue and the rental contract close process. The new features also support fixed or variable currency exchange rates for contract billing and linking services, sales and procurement items to an existing rental contract. On top of all that, you can also increase your visibility into all historical contact transactions through the rental contract history ledger.

EnterpriseOne Real-Time Grid Summarization

Prior to this release, EnterpriseOne users would have to navigate to the bottom of the grid to find data totals, which was time consuming especially if you had a very large number of grid rows and the system timed-out. With this new release, Real-Time Grid Summarization allows EnterpriseOne users to click on specific grid columns for which data will be totaled and summarized in easy-to-view formats. Real-Time Grid Summarization requires EnterpriseOne Tools Release 9.1.5 or above and is available for the following applications:

  • Customer Ledger Inquiry
  • Account Ledger Inquiry
  • Account Ledger by Category Code
  • Account Ledger by Object
  • Supplier Ledger Inquiry
  • Forecast Inquiry
  • Customer Service Inquiry
  • Purchase Order Inquiry

Click here to read further details on the application enhancements and where you can go for supporting resources. You can also find this information via the Oracle website.

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