The Age-Old Question: Just How Much Upgrade Training Do You Need?

January 04, 2018

Authored by Alana Johnson, TeamCain

Our friends at iLearnERP and the Quest International Users Group recently hosted a webinar to answer that question. And the answer is it depends…

These days information is non-stop and it’s hard to sift through all that content to build a process that makes sense for you, your industry, and your overall business model. On the webinar, Elizabeth Schriefer from iLearnERP details the three elements to keep in mind when looking at upgrade training: adult learning, upgrade training needs, and upgrade audiences.

We learn differently as adults and we receive our information through various outlets. When we are involved in projects at work, we bring our multiple experiences (and devices) from outside of the office with us and while we’re ready to learn, we prefer self-directed components. Adults are focused on the problem at hand and solving the problem so there needs to be some control over the learning experience.

Schriefer explains that the more you are asking of the upgrade the more it is going to increase your training and determine the training needs. Two components to review are Culture (processes, Lunch and Learns etc.) as well as Digital Transformations (IoT, mobile applications etc.) as those will affect how much training is required specific to your unique situation.

On the webinar, there are six upgrade audience categories listed but three of them are key components to the upgrade project. The core team executes the upgrade. The subject matter experts are the business link who have all the answers. The end users are the biggest audience to deal with and are usually given last minute attention, so they will find ways to get things done without following the correct processes. The learners today have different needs than when the software was initially implemented and there are different training starting points unique to each person.

Watch Upgrade Training - How Much Do You Really Need to learn more and hear real life examples on how others have approached upgrade training:

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