10 small town Grandmas + cookbooks = $1 million plus for Breast Cancer

I was watching a taped (well, PVR’d really) episode of Dragon’s Den tonight. If you are not familiar with it, people come on the show and pitch to 5 “dragons” to invest in their idea; there is a similar show in the US called The Shark Tank. The dragons are self made millionaires. So, kind of a reality show – entertaining oftentimes, sometimes makes you think “what were they thinking” (the people who pitch their ideas/wares for an investment). Anyway…

The show I saw tonight had a real “wow” group on it. The show featured ten ladies from Foam Lake, Saskatchewan, which has a population less than 1500.  In 2004, they created a cookbook of recipes from friends and family as a way to raise some funds to give back a bit in support of a mom lost to breast cancer. It seemed to go well, so they kept it up. When they started they were hoping to raise about $3,000 total as donations from the sale of the cookbooks. Roll forward to 2010 - they are putting out their 4th cookbook and are proud to have raised over $1 million dollars in donations from the sale of the books. That is just…incredible. 

I was just blown away that they were able to create a story and success like this from “small town Canada/America.”  I think it really shows the power of individuals, of dedication and of having a cause you believe in. From a small idea to over a million dollars in donations!

I am fortunate, at least so far, that I have not had family members stricken with cancer. I am sure this puts me in a small group, as cancer of various forms seems so prevalent these days. 

If you want to see a bit more of their story, you can go to www.breastfriends.ca.  The cookbooks are available there, as well as a number of links.