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Want to know how the pieces can fit together in your business system?  Integration, interface and rapid development issues leaving you feeling breathless?  TeamCain and Magic Software Enterprises can help.

"I estimate Magic lowers our development costs by approximately 60% - 70% compared to any other development tool on the market."
                                                                                             - Ron Mayberry, Head of IT (Title Solutions)

Magic Software provides software platforms for enterprise mobility, cloud applications, and business integration. The Magic xpa Application Platform (uniPaaS) focuses on business logic development and multichannel delivery while the Magic xpi Integration Platform (iBOLT) tackles workflow management and certified access to multiple back-end systems. Both are code free, feature rich solutions in use by hundreds of customers around the world that have received awards and industry recognition from leading analyst houses, including Gartner and Forrester Research.

“It is difficult to quantify the value of a custom business system that automates and manages every process in the core of your business. The Custom Reinsurance System created by Magic Software and uniPaaS is vital to our operations and has a value to FMRP of millions more than what we paid for it. We wouldn’t even dream of going back to the way things were - no way.” 
-Jack Black, Information Systems Manager (FMRP)

Magic xpi quickly and cost-effectively integrates enterprise software applications including SAP,, Oracle JD Edwards, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Office, IBM i (AS/400), HL7, Google Apps, and many more. With this integration platform, changes to your mission-critical data are automatically applied to every IT system in the enterprise. There is no need to manually input the data to every system, so you save manpower, reduce human error and improve your business's overall productivity.

Magic xpi for JD Edwards

Magic xpi Integration Platform delivers code-free, enterprise-grade integration, business process automation and data synchronization. You can quickly and easily extend and integrate JD Edwards across your company. With more than 50 adapters, wizards, services, and methods at your fingertips, Magic xpi allows you to create continuous business processes based on JD Edwards. The solution utilizes Magic Software's proven business integration framework to empower business analysts and JDE administrators to manage business processes using code-free visually oriented process design tools.

What can I do with Magic xpi for JD Edwards?

  • Handle exceptions and errors, reliably and seamlessly
  • Integrate financial data in real time, near real time and optimal intervals
  • Integrate non-JDE applications with your General Ledger
  • Integrate with new and existing eCommerce websites
  • Integrate order tracking and logistics management over the Web
  • Integrate CRM and sales force management
  • Handle service calls and track orders over the Web
  • Consolidate your charts of accounts with other systems and companies

Read more about Magic xpa or Magic xpi in these brochures. You can also contact TeamCain today for more information.


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