Who is JDEtips?

JDEtips is an Oracle Gold partner and leading provider of training and knowledge services to the JD Edwards customer base. They are dedicated being the source of JD Edwards knowledge transfer for hundreds of JDE client companies with a combination of classes, training manuals, knowledge services, and thousands of pages of tips in JDEtips Knowledge Express. The company began in 1998 and has grown to become a highly respected North American JD Edwards knowledge training and sustainment provider. Their mission is to help JD Edwards clients and their employees become more effective and efficient through superior ERP education.

Recommended JD Edwards Software Solutions

Before JDEtips endorses a product, they make sure it provides real value to the customers who look to them for advice. Spreadsheet Server, the Microsoft Excel Automation solution from Global Software, available through TeamCain, is now recognized by JDEtips as an outstanding solution for JD Edwards customers.

Spreadsheet Server for JD Edwards

  • Have "one-click" distribution of reports
  • Eliminate the requirement for IT or super-users to create/change reports
  • Benefit from elegant analysis and reporting with full drill down to details
  • Report on and analyze data within and outside of JD Edwards
  • Use Excel for reporting and analysis and have a better way to build JDE data into your process

For more information, visit JDEtips.com.