JDE World Expertise

With Oracle's Applications Unlimited strategy, JD Edwards World is alive and well. New releases have been delivered and TeamCain is ready to help you take advantage of the new functionality within your ERP system. Whether you are looking for leadership to understand the upgrade path, need help with a full project, or simply some additional functionality, we can help.

Not only are new features being added on a regular basis to World, but “under the cover” changes are greatly adding to the flexibility in World. Were you aware of these enhancements that have been added in recent releases?

  • Extended import/export capabilities
  • Extensions to Electronic Document Distribution
  • Enhanced report version security
  • BI Publisher direct print, graph and table support
  • XML import
  • RIAF (related Information Application Framework) with user defined function keys and more parameters to use
  • Externalized program calls to reduce the burden of upgrading
  • Many, many web services

This is NOT the old World anymore!

Perhaps you have had staff turnover and training on additional functionality is what is needed. We can help you understand the full breadth of your ERP software to allow you to take full advantage of your investment. Our consultants average over 15 years of experience and many have been working with the World product for over 22 years, since the earliest releases. Let them guide you in your JDE World project.

Application Extensions for JDE World Customers

TeamCain offers a number of powerful application extensions for JD Edwards World customers. These include: 

  • Data purging and archiving with customer recommended product Purge-it!
  • Financial reporting, analysis, report distribution and budgeting that is Excelerated by Global Software’s Spreadsheet Server
  • Improve efficiencies in your distribution centre using RF-SMART data collection

Are you considering a migration to EnterpriseOne? TeamCain has helped numerous organizations migrate from JD Edwards World to EnterpriseOne. Learn more about how we may assist you with your migration.