Extended Check Processing with BI Publisher Packs

Check processing for real output and sophistication can be a challenge. Obstacles include:

  • The need for signatures
  • The need for multiple signatures for different bank accounts
  • The MICR line changes by bank account
  • Multiple bank accounts and the confusion that follows
  • A combination of different logos for different banks and/or companies/divisions
  • When you want an office copy printed to a different printer (tricky with the way the check processing and BI Publisher works)

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TeamCain, with their background in JD Edwards and BI Publisher has a solution that can help.

Wouldn’t you love to gain the ability and independence to change signatures, bank accounts, logos, and MICR line quickly and on your own terms?

Built on top of our exclusive BI Publisher Packs, our Bank Extension Solution gives you the flexibility you need to take care of the above challenges in JD Edwards itself. This means no coding or scripting in other tools, program modifications, or BI Publisher scrambling.


This extension to the standard F0030 bank file and maintenance allows you to add and maintain by bank account:

  • The bank name and address to print if it should be different from what is in Address Book
  • Assign the signing limits (up to 2 levels per account) as well as provide the signature files to use
  • Assign the logo to use for each account
  • Build up the MICR line to be used, including the special characters that are specific to the MICR line

UPDATED R04572 & R04572C

We have updated the standard check output for both US and Canadian purposes to include all the additional details that you would now maintain in JDE – the bank name and address info, the signature limits and file name/location, the logo and the MICR line.


The heart of the solution includes the TeamCain custom created BI Publisher Pack pre-built design for both Canadian and US Checks. The BIPP includes the incorporation of the MICR, logo, signature, bank name and address combined with the out of the box check design. We can also help if you need a check copy to be produced but printed on a separate printer.

The full combination of the Check BIPP and the Bank File Extension gets you running with sophisticated intelligent output that you can use right out of the gate, and takes you out of the “call the consultant” game.

Current customer feedback includes:

  • “Gave us agility for changes in our banking world.”
  • “Much less debugging if things go ‘bump in the night,’ all in the JDE space.”
  • “Simplified our JDE footprint and architecture.”

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