JD Edwards

A little less Inaccuracy & Inefficiency, a little more Flexibility & Functionality: D-Link’s WMS Story

Authored by Sarah Mack, TeamCain

If your boss came to you and said that the company was doubling the business by acquiring a new company, could your warehouse operations process be able to handle it? Inaccuracies in warehouse operations lead to inefficiencies. A warehouse management system can help to greatly reduce these inaccuracies.

2006 JDE Customers VS 2011 JDE Customers: Upgrading To Better Trends

I want you to close your eyes and imagine yourself 5 years ago. The year is 2006 – in Canada, Steven Harper was sworn in as our 22nd prime minister, Major League Baseball decided to investigate the use of steroids, Enron executives were convicted, Italy won its fourth World Cup, Google purchased YouTube, and Earth’s solar system got a little smaller when Pluto was no longer classified as a planet. Where were you? What tools/solutions were you working with? What version of JD Edwards software were you using?