JD Edwards

Conversations at COLLABORATE14

Authored by Alana Smith, TeamCain

We had a great time at COLLABORATE14 this past April and as busy as the conference was, we had some time to sit down with John Schiff from Oracle and Jason Perry from Christie Digital Systems to discuss JD Edwards, OBIEE and how Oracle customers and partners are working together to leverage Oracle technology to improve business. Check out the videos below...

Conversations at COLLABORATE - Part One

Three Strategies to Pass a SOX Audit

Authored by Sarah Mack, TeamCain

Many organizations adopt unique processes and ways to complete accounting tasks but this can become hard to track for compliance. What works for one company doesn't work for another and audit regulations differ depending on the location of the business. This can also be difficult for companies on a global scale. What businesses need is a tailored solution that can be configured to the right environment as well as an implementation of strategies to guarantee that it can pass a SOX audit.

Ensuring the Optimal By Maintaining your EnterpriseOne System

Authored by Mike Guerin, TeamCain

When it comes to maintenance planning, all the layers of your E1 technology on all infrastructures must be taken into account. You’ll want to think about your network tier (like routers, switches etc.), infrastructure tier (your server hardware, operating systems), your database, the runtime code on the server (BSFN, UBE) and the overall presentation/interface of your system.

To EnterpriseOne or Not to EnterpriseOne, that is the Question

Authored by Alana Smith, TeamCain

For EnterpriseOne users looking to upgrade, they have the option of going to a new version (or another ERP but who would want to do that!). For JDE World users, they have the task of deciding, (a) do we upgrade to the latest version of World or (b) do we migrate over to EnterpriseOne? On a recent Oracle World Upgrade call, a current World customer told their tale about staying with World. Here are some great points that they made that all World users should consider when upgrading.