JD Edwards

Updated JDE EnterpriseOne & World Support Dates

Authored by Sarah Mack, TeamCain

Oracle recently made important announcements for JD Edwards customers around support dates and continuous delivery for technology improvements.  You will find highlights below and a link to an important Oracle FAQ document containing this information.

If you are running JD Edwards EnterpriseOne or World here are the new dates through which premier and extended support are available (click image to expand).

Indi-Alana Jones & The Last Upgrade

Authored by Alana Johnson, TeamCain

“Three upgrade types. Choose wisely.”

That’s what the ghostly man in the khaki pants and golf shirt had said to me. Now he stood there, accessing EnterpriseOne on his iPad, waiting for my answer. I was surprised he had such a good signal in the cave we were standing in but I guess that’s 5G for you.

Keeping Up with the Latest Mobile Developments

Authored by Alana Johnson, TeamCain

Did you know that among today’s enterprises, 87% have a formal mobility strategy at the unit level, yet 7 in 10 are struggling to keep pace with new mobile devices and systems? The mobile landscape has evolved rapidly over the past 10 years. At first, it was just smartphones but now tablets have come into play. It’s no longer just a connected world but a connected enterprise. And with the advancements in wearable devices – smart watches and glasses – mobility is all around.

Why Choose the Newly Available JDE E1 Accreditation Path

Authored by Sarah Mack, TeamCain

As per an Oracle blog, “the Accreditation program series is designed to help Oracle customers increase their expertise with My Oracle Support core functions and build their skills to better leverage product solutions, tools and knowledge.” In other words, the Accreditation program is there to give you a boost with your EnterpriseOne projects and diagnosing issues. Here are six reasons why you should choose to pursue My Oracle Support Accreditation: