Application Integration

JD Edwards Integration Best Practices – A Smart Approach

Authored by Michael Guerin, TeamCain

In a Gartner report from November 2012, it was predicted “that by 2016, mid-size to large companies will spend 33% more on application integration than in 2013.” Noting this prediction, our partners over at Magic Software wrote an informative white paper called “A Smarter Way to Integrate and Mobilize JD Edwards Applications,” highlighting the options that companies have to integrate their various systems.

Getting to your Destination without the Frustration: Integrating Microsoft SharePoint & JD Edwards

Authored by Alana Smith, TeamCain

Imagine a big city at rush hour. Vehicles are bumper to bumper, nothing is moving along and the drivers are starting to get more and more frustrated. Thankfully, there is a solution in place to help relieve the stress. A Police Officer stands in the middle of an intersection and directs traffic so things can go a little more smoothly. Things start moving again and all can get to their destinations without the frustration.