Quest – How YOU Can Get Involved

Quest – How YOU Can Get Involved

Whether you are a new member to the Quest community or you've maybe lost touch over the years, it's never too late to get involved.


The first step is to register on the Quest site ... it is simple and easy! There are several options including a free web one. Corporate and Enterprise memberships get great additional value wtih discounts on events and multi user access. When you register - fill our your profile as completely as possible - it is the key to having information delivered directly to you that is tailored to YOUR needs and areas of interest.


There are 14,000+ items in the online community including forums, blogs etc. Explore the Quest forum to see if you might be of service to a peer in need of an answer. Or perhaps you've been searching for an answer to an important question - ask the community! We're all here to help.

You can also participate by joining various SIGs and RUGs and attending Quest events. Networking opportunities are a great way to connect with those who might be in the same boat as you.


Sign up for the Quest Weekly Download which highlights new and important enhancements, features, events, SIG events and many other topics requested for and by the community. This is a great way to stay informed with what's going on in the Quest community. So even if you can't participate, you'll still be in the know.

Questions? Need some advice on how to proceed? Fill out an information request and we'd be glad to help.

For more information, visit Quest today.

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