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October 31, 2017 at 2 PM EST - The Truth is Out There - Exploring A 9.2 Upgrade
November 2, 2017 at 2 PM EST - Changes on the Fly: Extended Check Processing with BI Publisher
November 14, 2017 at 2 PM EST - The Quest to Sophisticated BI Publisher Forms

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Recorded Webinars

AP Automation

Leveraging AP Automation Native to JDE
On this webinar we’ll look at the value of automated invoice capture, coding, and approval processes as well as discuss the overall benefits of leveraging AP automation native to EnterpriseOne.

AP Automation and EnterpriseOne Approval Workflows
Workflow functions allow for invoices to be electronically routed to the correct budget holder, increasing automation and reducing invoice cycle times. All end-user actions are registered in the JD Edwards audit trail, providing full transparency. Refrain from complex integrations, functionality duplication, and long implementation projects. Discover how to work with exceptions, utilize workflow overrides and increase AP efficiency on this webinar.

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BI Publisher Packs

Sophisticated BI Publisher Forms for The Modern JD Edwardian
On this webinar, you’ll learn more about how existing BI Publisher users are engaging with TeamCain to convert their current outputs/programs to sophisticated BI Publisher outputs/programs.

Springing Forward on the Fast Track to BI Publisher Forms
In this session, we discuss utilizing BI Publisher with JD Edwards and a 2 Step Fast Track Process. You'll see how easy it is to create, modify, test and tweak JDE forms like POs or invoices, as well as discover the benefits of The Oracle Stack and retiring old forms management packages.

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Business Intelligence

How CTP Transportation Products, LLC (formerly Carlisle Corporation) Uses Collaborative BI to Drive Their Decisions
CTP Transportation Products, LLC runs three instances of JD Edwards. In addition, they have key data stored in multiple, non-JDE data sources. Hear from Brent Glendening, VP of IT, as he shares their experience using Halo BI to combine their data and gain consistency. Halo BI is endorsed and recommended by JDEtips as the recommended Business Intelligence solution for JD Edwards.

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Business & Process Integration

The Smarter Way to Extend JD Edwards via Mobile Apps
Want access to your business while on the go? With mobile applications, you can access JD Edwards no matter where your journey takes you.  In this webinar, you’ll see how you can use Magic Software’s integration and application platforms to create tailored mobile apps that connect to your back-end JD Edwards systems.

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Data Purging & Archiving

How Park Industries Increased Their Performance By Archiving
On this webinar, Park Industries shares their story of how they implemented Purge-it! for archiving their data and the results that they experienced. We also explore the “whys”, “whens” and “whats” when it comes to archiving your JD Edwards data.

5 Reasons Why You Should Purge Your JDE Data NOW!
The end of the year is in sight; is a data purge amongst your thoughts? If not, it should be! Join us on this webinar where you'll learn more about the top five reasons why you should be purging your JD Edwards data now before the new year begins as well as see a live demo of Purge-it!, the ONLY archiving product natively built within the JD Edwards framework so if you can use JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, you can use Purge-it!.

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Disaster Recovery

Weathering the Storm: Disaster Recovery for JD Edwards
Incomplete Disaster Recovery (DR) thinking is a risk that can cost your organization dearly in both reputation and bottom line. On this webinar, we discuss how to best approach disaster recovery and the steps you can put in place to make sure that during any interruption, your business is still up and running.

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Enterprise Training Solutions

How Training Maintains Your Human Capital and Your Bottom Line
In this webinar, Intelligo and TeamCain will demonstrate the ROI of training for your organization, and look at cost effective ways to maintain the "human capital" in this age of technology.

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JD Edwards Best Practices

Where Do U Fit In? Role Based Solutions with UX One
How does your role fit in with the new features and functionalities of UX One? Watch this webinar to see how the new UX One interface can enable better decision making, increase productivity, and simplify future upgrade projects.

X Marks the Spot – Finding Treasures in EnterpriseOne 9.2
During this webinar, we unlock some of the hidden treasures of 9.2 as well as discuss the best route for upgrading to the latest tools release so that you can get the most out of JD Edwards.

Reduce Occupational Incidents: The ROI of Health & Safety
In this session, we discuss the overall importance of the EnterpriseOne Health & Safety module. Incident management, incident case inquiry components, reporting, and mobile applications are also explored.

Navigating an ERP Governance and Roadmap
Many struggle with harnessing the full power of their ERP footprint, getting key stakeholder buy in, and allocating resources. Hear Hamilton Telecommunications on this webinar share the process they initiated to provide a solid foundation for building a path towards long term success.

Workshop to Webinar: ERP Governance and the 10 Success Factors You Need to Know
On this webinar, we explore the key concepts of ERP governance, road mapping, planning and executing projects. We hosted this as a workshop at the 2016 Eastern Canada Regional User Group (ECRUG) conference and attendees noted how much they wished that their senior management had been able to attend! View this recording to see what factors should be included in ERP Governance, what you need for an ERP Roadmap, what options are in use at other organizations for evaluating and deciding on projects to approve, and how you can mitigate risk associated with the 10 most common factors that can impact the success of a project ERP.

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JD Edwards Calculations & Application Extensions

A Better Way to Calculate and Manage Late Fees in EnterpriseOne
Boston Properties, a long standing JD Edwards EnterpriseOne customer, was struggling with being able to accurately and efficiently calculate and process late fees on leases they processed through JDE. They implemented the Late Fee Module from QI Systems in 2012 and since then have greatly reduced the time needed, the accuracy provided, and the ease of use in maintaining and calculating late fees. Hear more of their story on this webinar.

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Package Automation & Self Service Password Reset

An IT Hat Trick: Packages, Passwords, and PrintQueue OH MY!
You have a list of EnterpriseOne goals that you want to reach. But unfortunately, there isn’t enough time in the day to get to all of them. Package builds and constant calls from users to the help desk for password reset is time consuming. Waiting around to manage the PrintQueue data isn’t the best use of your time. But there are three solutions that can help line you up for the perfect shot. Watch this webinar to learn more.

EnterpriseOne – Self Service Password Reset and Package Build Automation
Building packages in EnterpriseOne, particularly during an upgrade, can consume a lot of staff or consulting time. If you have users, you have users calling in to the help desk to get their passwords reset. Studies show that up to 30% of calls into the help desk relate to forgotten passwords and resetting them. Watch this webinar to learn more about PACKMAN and Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) for EnterpriseOne.

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Spreadsheet Automation, Analytics & Budgeting

“Excelerated” JDE Reporting, Analytics and Consolidated Reporting
A lot of time and energy is wasted creating spreadsheets from scratch, re-keying data, waiting on IT for reports and scouring through the data to fix any mistakes or errors. If you want to put reporting back in the hands of your end-users and eliminate any manual processes, you’ll want a solution that is self-sufficient, consistent and efficient and dead simple to learn and roll out. See Spreadsheet Server in action on this webinar, and also learn how it has greatly improved consolidated reporting and upgrade reporting for other JDE customers.

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Output Management & Electronic Distribution

Migrating from 3rd Party Output Providers to BI Publisher: Can You and Should You
On this webinar, we explore whether you can/should migrate to BI Publisher. We also highlight what we have heard from customers that is leading them to BI Publisher, and highlight several customer projects we have done over the last year for migrations like this.

Simplify the Workplace with Transform AP
Transform AP reduces transaction cost and manual errors, eliminates paper invoices, improves visibility and accountability of AP processes and most importantly, preserves the investment that you made in EnterpriseOne. Watch this webinar to learn more.

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Remote Time Entry & Equipment Tracking

Automating the Field Reporting Process
Equential gets rid of handwriting all together, validates time, provides the ability to run exception reports, and provides your field personnel the ability to capture information with or without connectivity. Learn more on this webinar.

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Wireless, Mobile & RFID Data Collection

Discovering 3 Levels of Supply Chain Efficiency
Every business wants to decrease operational costs and improve the accuracy of the data they collect. JD Edwards provides the foundation to build efficient processes, but what about taking that to the next level – or let’s say, the next three levels? Watch this webinar to learn how to achieve a leaner, more efficient supply chain and warehouse operations.

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