Sarah Mack

(Operations, Resourcing & Marketing Manager)   

Sarah is a graduate of Ryerson University with a Bachelor of Commerce, Major in Marketing Management, Minor in Human Resources Management.  Sarah has been with TeamCain for over 10 years and in that time has assisted in setting up the company’s accounting system as well as performed all duties associated with daily, monthly and yearly accounting at TeamCain.  Sarah has been largely responsible for web updates and a host of creative responsibilities for marketing and conference/campaign planning at TeamCain.  Sarah is also an active committee member of the Canada Regional User Group and assists in planning all CanRUG events and networking functions. 

Prior to TeamCain, Sarah worked as an Account Manager at Limelight Advertising and Design, assisting in developing creative marketing initiatives for many local businesses. 

Sarah is proud of TeamCain as a company and all the morals and foundations it is built on.  “It is wonderful to work for a company that shares the same guiding principles that I have tried to build my life around.  TeamCain stands for Integrity, Customer Satisfaction and being the best to every client, partner, person that we possible can.  I am passionate about TeamCain’s dedication to the environment and the concern for putting back into the environment what we take out of it.  I have learned how to build this aspect of quality and concern into all of my personal relationships and home life.  It feels good to truly care about the affect you have on the world around you.” (Sarah Mack, January 25, 2010)

Sarah is an avid horseback rider and enjoys spending time with her chocolate lab puppy, named Coco. Sarah is excited about the future of TeamCain and looks forward to the growth and development of many great initiatives and relationships in the years to come.

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