TeamCain Sustainability


Sustainability is important to TeamCain. We believe that we need to do what we can as a business to limit our carbon footprint and to offer our customers solutions that can assist them in their efforts to become better and more sustainable enterprises.

Internal Sustainability Practices

For TeamCain, we try to accomplish this by:

  • Purchasing our electricity from a green source, in our case Bullfrog Power. This allows us to ensure that the power we use in our day to day operations is 100% green.
  • Purchasing green power from Bullfrog for our corporate events, including the webinars that we hold.
  • Starting in 2010, offsetting the carbon usage for our travel by purchasing Gold Standard carbon offsets from Less and This is for all travel by our staff, consultants and any independent consultants we employ. So if we drive to a client, fly to a conference, or drive to the bank for our business …. We will offset our carbon usage.
  • Recycling as much as we possibly can.
  • Purchase items for our use that are made from renewable or recycled resources.
  • Starting with the 2009 holiday season, offer our customers the opportunity to direct donations to their favorite charity instead of sending out our Christmas cards.
  • Later this year, we hope to provide subsidies to our staff for using green electricity at their own homes.

Sustainability for our Customers

For our customers, we try to help them with a number of our products:

  • RF-SMART, which allows paperless processing of pick, pack and ship documents using RF technology.
  • The Spreadsheet Server and Executive Dash products from Global Software, which allow organizations to create management and financial reports and distribute them in Excel, PDF and other formats electronically.

Sustainability Partnerships and Associations

We also have partnerships or associations with a number of organizations involved in sustainable business practices, including:

We are also able to extend our associations with these organizations to our customers. 

Sustainability is an ongoing process we believe, and not a destination.

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