White Papers

Business Resiliency: The State of Disaster Recovery Preparedness

This white paper from Velocity Technology Solutions examines the current state of disaster recovery preparedness.

"Hurricane Sandy clearly demonstrated to the business and IT worlds that disaster recovery planning cannot be approached as it has in the past. Businesses need to objectively review current disaster recovery (DR) preparedness by examining people, technology and geography as critical points-of-failure for delivering reliable DR performance in time of need..."

Calculating the ROI on ADC: Where to Look & How to Measure

The challenge for most companies these days is identifying where their return on investment will occur. Utilizing real-time automated data collection (ADC) to feed information to their enterprise software system (ERP) can substantially improve the ROI for their ERP package. This white paper provides example calculations for areas where ADC has proven to provide a payback.

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A Tale of Two Cities: JD Edwards ERP Integration and Interoperability with Salesforce.com CRM (Interface Touchpoints between the Cloud and the Ground)

Would you like to learn more about JD Edwards Integration with Salesforce.com CRM? In this white paper, you'll read about the business process design, monitoring and execution capabilities of iBOLT when it comes to ERP and CRM integration.

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